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Compelling Stories We've told

How the Revolutionary War was turned around in our area


The Halifax Historical Society asked us to film an adaptation of the book "The Crossing of the Dan" by Dr. Larry Aaron.  We promise you'll be surprised when you watch it.

Local teen cadets replace a Military Honor Guard on National Television at the 2019 D-Day event


When the official Military Honor Guard was transferred from Bedford to Normandy  (to serve with the President), local Civil Air Patrol and JROTC cadets filled in and joined Vice President Pence.

Have you ever done loops and rolls in an acrobatic airplane?


One of our earliest and most memorable videos-- years ago--in Standard Definition, no less.  Hanging by our straps in a biplane filming a wild  airplane ride over Danville.

Building a Home for an Injured Veteran and his Family


WBTM and WAKG joined "God's Pit Crew" to raise money to build the home.  We filmed this plea for help.

The Beauty of Romance


Using photos to create a video.  And showcase the moving beauty of love.  

Epic Romantic Surprise


One of our coworkers asked us to film him surprising his schoolteacher girlfriend  by proposing in front of the whole school. The Principal is in the red top and ran the show!

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